Other writing

A selection of op-eds and other public-facing articles.

South Africa has spent billions in 4 years to create jobs for young people: how their wages affect the broader economy
with Ihsaan Bassier
The Conversation, 15 February 2024
Media: CNBC Africa, Newzroom Afrika

Has the Employment Tax Incentive created jobs?
with Amina Ebrahim
Econ3x3, 3 November 2022

The complexities of evidence-based policymaking
with Ihsaan Bassier and Vimal Ranchhod
SALDRU Newsletter, 30 March 2022

Proposed Family Poverty Grant is excellent in theory — but there are problems with its implementation
with Ihsaan Bassier
Daily Maverick, 8 November 2021
[We did not choose the title, and preferred “Implementing a new Family Poverty Grant would be premature”]
Media: Newzroom Afrika

Why the employment numbers differ so vastly in the Quarterly Labour Force Survey and NIDS-CRAM
with Ihsaan Bassier and Andrew Kerr
Daily Maverick, 25 February 2021

Covid-19 job losses persist, but grants cushion the blow
with Ihsaan Bassier, Ronak Jain and Rocco Zizzamia
Daily Maverick, 30 September 2020

Distress grant misses the mark
with Ihsaan Bassier, Ronak Jain, Murray Leibbrandt and Rocco Zizzamia
Financial Mail, 15 July 2020
[We did not choose the title, and suggested “Poverty, unemployment and COVID-19 in South Africa”]

South Africa can – and should – top up child support grants to avoid a humanitarian crisis
with Ihsaan Bassier, Murray Leibbrandt, Rocco Zizzamia and Vimal Ranchhod
The Conversation, 31 March 2020

Key Features of Post-Apartheid Poverty
Global Dialogue (magazine of the International Sociological Association), 4 December 2018
[Essentially an opinionated literature review, but the editors did not allow me to include a bibliography]

How current measures underestimate the level of poverty in South Africa
with Ingrid Woolard and Murray Leibbrandt
The Conversation, 3 September 2015

UCT’s muddled minimum wage
with Johan Lorenzen
GroundUp, 8 December 2014